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Welcome to Autonomic Communication - a new communication paradigm for evolving Internet

   Motivation: the increasingly higher density mesh of components of communications systems and the resulting growing complexity of control requires more and more distributed and selforganising structures, relying on simple and dependable elements able to collaborate to produce sophisticated behaviours.
   Vision: The main feature of future communication paradigms will be the ability to adapt to an evolving situation, where new resources can become available, administrative domains can change and economic models can vary accordingly.  The vision is that of a world pervaded by ubiquitous communication facilities, offering their services to the users and capable of self-organising and self-preserving their functionalities without any direct human intervention. This entails fundamental advances both in the architecture and functionality of the network, and in the characterisation and understanding of the common communication medium.
   Goal: is to promote research in the area of new paradigms for communication/networking systems that can be characterised as situated (i.e. reacting locally on environment and context changes), autonomously controlled, self-organising, radically distributed, technology independent and scale-free. Consequently, communication/networking should become task- and knowledge-driven and fully scalable.
Learn more about implementation modalities in FET draft Call text

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